No Needle Anaesthesia

No-Needle Anaesthesia

Men who were previously not considering vasectomy because of a fear of needles and pain can now feel more at ease with the no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy technique. In addition to a no-scalpel technique, we also use a No-Needle Technique that involves the use of a spray applicator that delivers a stream of anaesthetic under high pressure. This provides anaesthetic without having to use a needle so injections in the scrotum are unnecessary. This is sufficient to anaesthetise the skin and the vas deferens.

No-Needle Anaesthesia. No Needle Vasectomy.

No-needle anaesthesia is very effective, it works much quicker than using a needle, and it avoids that “bee stinging” sensation you experience when you have an injection in your scrotum. We always use it for anaesthetic before a vasectomy and you do not need sedation with it.

A small group of patients, about 1%, do require injection of a little more anaesthetic. This only causes a small amount of discomfort as the skin and vas have already been partially anaesthetised already

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