Comparison to Traditional Vasectomy

What is the difference between a No-Scalpel Vasectomy and a traditional Vasectomy?

The quick answer to this is that it the equivalent of keyhole surgery for a vasectomy.
Both methods are equally effective at preventing pregnancies and they are just different ways of gaining access to the vas deferens. A No-Scalpel method is minimally invasive and as such it is recommended as the gold standard by the American Urology Association.

In a traditional vasectomy two 1″ incisions are needed, one on each side and sometimes sutures are used to close the wound. With a no-scalpel vasectomy only one small opening is made with no stitches necessary.

What happens when the tubes are delivered through the incisions, either one small opening from a no-scalpel vasectomy or two slightly larger incisions from a traditional vasectomy, is essentially very similar. Their are different ways to divide the vas deferens and to tie or clip them but they all fundamentally provide the same amount of contraception.

The other big difference is the recovery time and any potential complications, both are much less with a no-scalpel vasectomy.


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