Galway & Cork Vasectomy clinics

Galway Vasectomy Clinic.

The Galway no-scalpel vasectomy clinic is located at Athenry primary care centre. This is a superb purpose built modern facility with a GP clinic, dedicated treatment rooms, a physiotherapy clinic, a coffee shop and a pharmacy all under one roof.

The next dates for the clinic in Galway are listed here



Athenry Primary Care Centre

Elmwood Medical Clinic




Cork Vasectomy Clinic

The Cork Vasectomy Clinic is located at Elmwood Medical Clinic, Frankfield,

This is a fantastic, modern, purpose built clinic with a full compliment of family planning services available and a very friendly and knowledgable staff.

Appointments for a no-scalpel vasectomy may be made for the Cork clinic by phoning 087-4178819 or by e-mail,


The next dates for the Cork clinic are listed here